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Silk  Duvets - Combination Zoom

Silk Duvets - Combination

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Silk Duvets are naturally hypo-allergenic because the dust mites which cause allergies cannot survive in the silk fibres. Warm, breathable and brilliantly cosy silk filled duvets. 100% cotton outer filled with the finest mulberry silk fibres. One night under one of these and you will never go back to down. We are proud of our fine silk duvets, which act as natures' thermostat keeping you cool in summer and toasty warm in winter. Our duvets are sold as 'combination': you get a summer duvet (3 TOG) and a autumn duvet (10 TOG) which button neatly together to form a 13 Tog winter duvet. Our combi mulberrry silk duvets thus give you 3 duvets for the price of one and guarantee you a great night's sleep all year round. We recommend that you do not wash or clean your silk duvet as this may damage the fibres. We recommend that keep a duvet cover on the duvet at all times. Once a year, on a bright and sunny day, air your duvet thoroughly in the bright sunshine. When necessary, surface clean with a damp cloth. Available in Single, Double, King and Super King sizes.

Catalogue Codes:

Single 90154 Double 90151 King 90152 Super King 90153