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Cashmere Care

Care for your cashmere correctly and it will actually improve with age!

Preventing & dealing with Pilling

The friction of wear causes tiny balls of fluff to form on new cashmere garments; this pilling is quite normal and does not necessarily indicate poor quality. Regular washing will help to prevent pilling on quality cashmere garments.


Hand Washing

Regular hand washing is the best way to clean most cashmere items:

  1. Soak in sudsy, lukewarm water for five minutes, and then gently 'squish' to let the suds soak through the fibres. We recommend Cashmere detergent. A generous capful should be sufficient for one garment.
  2. Rinse in lukewarm water using the same 'squishing' action - never wring cashmere - until the water is clear. Please avoid fabric softener, as it causes the fibres to stiffen.
  3. Roll the garment in a towel and press to remove excess moisture and speed drying.
  4. Lay it flat to dry, out of sunlight. Re-shape whilst damp, taking special care, as wet cashmere fibres can stretch out of shape.


Machine Washing

Whilst we cannot 'recommend' machine washing, as machines vary between manufacturers, cashmere does wash well in most front loading, modern machines that have delicate cycles. The temperature should be set no higher than 30 degrees. If you decide to machine wash we can offer the following advice:

  1. Turn your garment inside-out in a laundry bag or pillow case with the end tied off - this helps to keep its shape.
  2. Make sure you select the most delicate setting with the temperature set no higher than 30 degrees. Cashmere wash or delicates detergent also works effectively in washing machines.
  3. If you decide to spin dry your cashmere, we suggest you opt for the shortest and most delicate spin.
  4. Re-shape the garment whilst damp and dry flat, out of direct sunlight.
  5. Tumble drying on a cold setting for a couple of minutes will help to fluff up the cashmere.


Storing Cashmere

Only ever store clean garments away. Moths aren't so much attracted to the fibre, but to the food, dirt, perspiration or body oils on a garment. Why not try one of our anti-moth sweater bags - perfect for keeping moths away from your favourite knitwear. We also sell cedarwood heart wardrobe and drawer moth repellents and anti-moth spray in our clothes care section.